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Dealing with behavioural issues in the workplace requires a combination of understanding of legislation, the psychology of work and people, as well as the “soft skills” in handling it in a consistent and fair manner.

If you would like to see if you would benefit from training, why not test your knowledge here.

The training approach allows for personal development and practice of the skills required in the handling of the intricacies of demanding situations. It includes the use of projective techniques, videos, group work and peer feedback to ensure opportunity for practical skills development.

Training costs are customised according to required topic(s), duration and required training material. Training is provided to employers, insurers, practitioners and training institutions on topics such as:

Incapacity and disability management for HR and line managers.

  • Brief overview of legislation and relevant caselaw (in conjunction with labour attorney if required)
  • Recommended processes (in conjunction with available employer policies)
  • Handling counselling meetings, inquiries and hearings
  • The light duty unicorn: Reasonable accommodation
  • Managing tough conversations and sensitive subjects
  • Performance management of the ill employee
  • “When helping is not helping” – dealing with typical pitfalls
  • Managing psychiatric conditions in the workplace
  • Challenging conditions or at risk behaviours (such as substance abuse, suicidal behaviour, workplace trauma, bullying and manipulation)

Work rehabilitation and case management for medical professionals and insurers.

  • Practical strategies for assisting persons with psychiatric illnesses, pain and fatigue
  • The art and science of returning to work
  • Managing complex disability claims
  • Psychiatry in the workplace
  • Job analysis – the FOIL method
  • Managing risks and red flags
  • “Don’t crack” – assessing and managing vulnerability
  • Understanding the impact of personality on work behaviour

Course Bookings

Don’t miss out on the workshops for 2020 linked to psychiatry/mental health in the workplace.
  • How to Conduct Psychiatric FCEs: 13-15 May 2020 (payment due by 1 April)
  • Assess and Manage Stress in the Workplace: 14-15 September
  • Personality Disorders At Work: 27-28 July
  • Psychiatry in the workplace
  • Conversations in Psychiatry: On demand

These workshops create opportunity for developing the OT practitioner’s skills and confidence, and includes resources and tools for your toolkit.
Please contact for further detail