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K aren Theunissen has been working in the field of vocational assessment and rehabilitation since 1995. She also provides therapy and support for persons with psychiatric illnesses linked to non-work related concerns using a client-centred and goal-orientated approach. She has a special interest in psychiatric and neurocognitive conditions, as well as pain and fatigue. These are often misunderstood and labelled as difficult to manage by medical practitioners, employers and insurers.

She has performed numerous assessments for insurance, employer and psycho-legal purposes. She has a passion for assisting persons to return to work, and therefore assists with rehabilitation specific with this aim in mind. On the flipside, she also assists employers to ensure that employees with health conditions work in a productive manner, and therefore consults on matters pertaining to poor work performance and behavioural issues. She has consulted and trained widely on the topic. For queries, please contact us here.



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